domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

                                            ¡!My favorite series¡!

Hello, I'll tell you about my favorite series, I hope you like it!
                                               1. The Walking Dead   
 The Walking Dead is a series based on Robert Kirkman's comic that deals with a zombie apocalypse. The protagonist is Rick Grimes a sheriff who wakes up in a hospital after a shot. When he awakens he discovers that the world has become "walkers" (living dead).Finding his family with a group of survivors Rick becomes the leader, together they fight to survive against walkers and other groups of survivors who become more dangerous than the same zombies.
                                    2. Orange Is The New Black   
 Orange Is The New Black is an American series based on the book by Piper Kerman. The series is about the history of Piper Chapman who enters the prison by the drug traffic of money. Piper is engaged to her husband Larry, but upon entering prison he meets his ex-partner Alex Vause with whom he begins his affair again, meets more people and faces various problems. In addition to Chapman's story are told the stories of other inmates.
3. Pretty Little Liars
   Pretty Little Liars is an American series about a group of 5 friends (Alison, Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily) that after a year of Alison's disappearance, anonymous messages with the signature "A" '' Who threaten to reveal their secrets if they do not do it.

                                              4. American Horror Story
American Horror Story is a horror genre series, where each season tells a different story.
My favorite season is season One, which is about a family that moves to a house where they still inhabit their former inhabitants already dead. Every family that comes to that house dies.

                                                        5. Vis a Vis
Vis a Vis is a series of Spanish television that deals with the life of Macarena Ferreiro who enters the prison Cruz del Sur for 4 crimes committed by his former partner and boss based on deception. Macarena goes out of her way to get out of prison with the help of her family, but only manage to bring more problems into her life.

I hope you liked it, the reason I made this blog about this topic is to share about the series that I like and can see them one time!
Thank you so much!

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